CAFCO® 300


CAFCO® 300 is a lightweight coating that provides very efficient fire resistance with minimal thickness to steel and concrete structures, metal floor and roof decks, return air plenums and air handling ductwork.

Fire resistance  

Steel structures protected with CAFCO® 300 have undergone fire resistance tests up to 240 minutes in approved independent laboratories to recognised standards throughout the world, including:

  • Australia (AS 1530: Part 4: 2005)
  • Belgium (NBN S 21-202: 1980)
  • France (August 1999 Ministry Decree)
  • Germany (DIN 4102: 1977-2009 and DIN EN 1363-1: 1999-2010)
  • Harmonised European Standard ENV 13381: Part 4: 2002
  • UK (BS 476: Part 6: 1989, Part 7: 1997 and Part 21: 1987)
  • USA (ASTM E119: 1998)

Fire resistance test results relate solely to the constructions tested and test conditions imposed.

Spread of flame (as defined by building regulations)   Class 0
Alkalinity pH 8.0~8.5
Thermal conductivity W/m°K 0.078
Theoretical coverage at 15mm thickness m²/tonne 217
Number of coats   One or more as required
Cure   By hydraulic set
Initial set at 20°C and 50% RH   10~15 hours without accelerator
Density (ASTM E605: 1993) kg/m³ 310 ± 15% without accelerator
310 - 10% (approximate) with accelerator
Bond impact (ASTM E760: 1992-2005)   No cracks or delaminations
Air erosion resistance (ASTM E859: 1993-2006)   No erosion
Compressive strength (ASTM E761: 1992-2005) kg/cm² 1.22
Deflection effect (ASTM E759: 1992-2005)   No spalling, delamination or cracking
Corrosion resistance   Does not promote corrosion of steel and does not require application over primed steel. Please seek advice of qualified structural engineer concerning long term corrosion protection.
Colour and texture condition   Off-white with a monolithic spray texture